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Rebecca Mejia
   After buying their full zip Jersey. I found these and purchased the same size as the full zip a medium. After receiving and trying it on it fit about the same but I had to struggle big time to remove it because the bottom is made so as not to ride up when wearing. I returned it and bought the large Its a little looser and much easier to remove. Its a very nice jersey for the money and seems to be well made as is their full zip.
Rita Atanásio
   I ordered a large because my boyfriend's Corgi is long and a little bit chubby (30 lbs) and it fits him perfectly! It came in the mail yesterday right before it started snowing so I was pretty excited to take him on a walk. Now Tucker and my boyfriend can go out in style! Love it!!
Emy Abdlsalam
   Love these sheets. Soft and stretchy. Fit perfectly on the Dream on me 3 inch portable crib mattress. I ordered in Ecru, but more like a pale yellow. Pretty. I will be ordering more in other colors. Great price for two, one in the baby needs stores costs that much!
Stephanie Harris
   Great sheets, soft, nice material, and fit my portable crib well.
Joshuah Minaj
   Very comfortable. I'm ordering more
Sean Psulkowski
   I got this for my wife, and she loved them! It gives her the blackout she wanted while sleeping.

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