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Millos William Pineda
   I love these shoes, I have 4 pairs total, brown and black for home, and just ordered another pair to have both at work too.  I get pain in my heels from walking in some shoes, and while these ones don't seem to be extraordinarily comfortable, the shock point in the heel must work because I have no problems.
Overall, very pleased with first impressions after about 3 months of wear.
Valdemaras Stonkus
   Use these almost daily. The key is to wash before use.
Winnie Oloo
   I was very concerned about the helmet being too small because my son is 10 years old.  I was also concern that because the price was sooooo cheap, the helmet would not have a "real feel".  Now, thos helmet IS NOT a helmet that would properly protect your child but my son loves to wear it for Steeler games.  It has a real feel to it.  The jersey fit too.  Everything was better than I expected and much better than spending $200.00 on a helment for a 10 year old for him to wear while watching games on TV.  I would buy again!  Hope this helps!

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